Tuesday, August 25

Keaton is Two!

My baby is two! My tiny, sweet, huggy baby is two. And he's about to have his title of baby usurped. I'm struggling with him not being the baby a bit more than I was when Braden was promoted... I think its because he's so much littler than Braden was--he still looks like a baby. And he's in no hurry to talk... so he still feels like a baby. Which I don't mind at all.

 photo 20150729-Keaton on Porch-27.jpg

He's a tiny guy--he's 32.5" tall (5%) and weighs 24 lbs (15%) and he has a normal sized head. Hooray! Texas is good for his hair--it's the perfect blend of Finley and Braden's hair. The silky, softness of Finley's and the sweet curls of Braden's. It's been a rough year for him--we finally got him tubes in the spring and solved basically all of his problems. He sleeps at night, he can hear us, he doesn't have a chronically runny nose... it's great. We celebrated him being healthy by having his front two teeth pulled after he shattered them and getting stitches next to his eye after he dismounted his high chair rather ungracefully. Boys... am I right?

 photo 20150307-March Disney-51-2.jpg

He's just so fun to be around. Part of me wants to have keep having babies forever just to see what we get--because I swear the get cuter every time. Keaton is a snuggler. He gives very intense, arms-around-the-neck hugs and lays his head on you when he's tired. He's also very bossy for a kiddo who barely speaks--he frequently tries to corral Finley and Braden and get them to go where he wants them. They generally tolerate it. We're working on increasing his vocabulary--possibly starting some speech therapy soon. He probably says 15-20 words--when he feels like it. He loves going to the childcare at the gym, preschool, reading books and anything that his brothers are doing.

 photo Keaton2ndRV_full-60.jpg

Two means he has some opinions now--about which toy he wants to play with and whether he wants to watch tv (which is always yes) or what snack he wants to have (whatever is on the bottom shelf of the pantry). He's starting the lay-on-the-floor-and-wail phase, which is not my favorite. But I'm glad he knows what he wants--even if what he wants is not something he can have.

 photo ScottBumpNo4-16.jpg

It's so sweet to be loved by him--there's not much better than seeing him run to us when we've been away for a bit. I'm not sure how he'll react to a new baby in the house--but I'm excited to see him become a big brother. I can't imagine he'll love this new Scott any less than any of the current ones. We just love this guy so so much.

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