Friday, January 22

Little Jellyfish

I'm trying trying to make sure I take more pictures of this girl. She's no where near as smily as Keaton was--but her sweet thoughtful faces are just as precious!

 photo 20160118-Merritt Jellyfish-27.jpg

This adorable set of pjs is a hand-me-up from her future best friend, Arbor. It's so soft and cute and has ruffles and is basically the epitome of what you'd want in clothes for a little girl. It's covered in jellyfish and mermaids. Winning.

 photo 20160118-Merritt Jellyfish-79.jpg

She's currently spent two nights sleeping in her room and it's going well. It's mostly decorated--just a few more things to finish and it'll be complete! The gallery wall (which you can see a few glimpses of) is my favorite part!

 photo 20160118-Merritt Jellyfish-38.jpg

There are some sneaky smiles! She likes to smile at people, so she's not too interested in smiling when I have a camera in front of my face.

 photo 20160118-Merritt Jellyfish-99.jpg

Those hands are her favorite. So glad I have a few shots of her sticking her chubby fingers in her chubby face. I do have to pry them out of her mouth sometimes to nurse her--wonder if she's going to be a permanent finger sucker like Braden! I always thought the thumb sucking made him a better sleeper, so part of me wouldn't mind...

 photo 20160118-Merritt Jellyfish-107.jpg

And some silly faces. We love her so much!

 photo 20160118-Merritt Jellyfish-126.jpg


  1. So adorable! Looks like the blue eyes are here to stay!!!

  2. LOVE the hands in the mouth photo. Frame it! Put it on TShirts! She is so cute :)


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