Wednesday, February 10

Merritt || Five Month

Five months! Hooray!

 photo 20160212-Five Month-54 copy.jpg

Five months is a good time for this lady. Her eyes seem blue for good, she has some sweet furry hair coming in on her head and she loves to drool.

 photo 20160212-Five Month-65.jpg

She's recently found her feet and loves to grab her toes and use them to roll super quickly onto her belly. Sucking in her bottom lip is a common face for her to make--I think she looks like a little turtle.

 photo 20160212-Five Month-76.jpg

Her little thighs are getting good and fat and she loves to suck on her fingers. Any finger. Braden was a pretty committed thumb sucker, but any finger she can get in her mouth makes her happy.

 photo 20160212-Five Month-90.jpg

She's a pretty good sleeper, as far as Scott babies go. I generally feed her around 11 before I go to bed and she normally wakes up around 4 or 5 to eat again. And then I normally have to wake her up around 8 to start taking children to school. She takes two naps unless its a crazy day and they get cut short--sometimes she'll sneak in a third one then. We're not in a rush to start solid foods--its messy, time consuming and nowhere near as exciting the fourth time round!

 photo 20160212-Five Month-110.jpg

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