Thursday, February 18


How sweet it is to have these four little loves to light up my day (and sometimes the middle of the night.)

 photo 20160211-Valentine-9.jpg

As you might expect, its impossible to get a picture with all four children cooperating. But we got 3 out of 4 on a lot of them, and I'll take it. They sure love that girl.

 photo 20160211-Valentine-16.jpg

I couldn't pass up a chance to snap some pictures of Miss M in her sweet red outfit.

 photo 20160211-Valentine-41.jpg

Oooh I love her sweet smile and her soft cheeks and her drooly mouth.

 photo 20160211-Valentine-63.jpg

In case you missed it... I'm really into making bows. Like its out of control. So the red bow is a new addition to her wardrobe--you'll see it pop up in quite a few of her outfits for Disneyworld next week!

 photo 20160211-Valentine-76.jpg

Sometimes she gets real tired out during tummy time. And just has to lay down.

 photo 20160211-Valentine-109.jpg

It's kind of crazy to have all four of these kids to keep track of... and make Valentine boxes for... and get Valentine cards for their classes... and eat all their candy... it's a lot of candy!

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