Thursday, March 10

Merritt and Elliot

My sister used her final days of maternity leave to sneak down to Beaumont and let the little girl cousins roll around together! Elliot is a doll and it was so fun to get to see her again!!

 photo 20160217-Elliot and Merritt-12.jpg

We spent most of the time making bows and forcing them to wear matching outfits. I mean, why not.

 photo 20160219-Elliot and Merritt-4.jpg

I love that little series of pictures--I think they are plotting something already!

 photo 20160219-Elliot and Merritt-30.jpg

I can't wait for all the fun they'll have growing up together. I'm so so glad that Mer will have a girl cousin since she'll spend most of her time with the rowdy boys!

 photo 20160219-Elliot and Merritt-8.jpg


  1. Beautiful baby girls and moms! That was a very special gathering of ladies!


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