Sunday, January 10

Merritt || Four Months

Four months! One third of a year! Hooray!

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I like to say that four months is my favorite age (but every other age is a pretty close second.) She's happy playing on her own on her play mat or sitting in her bumbo. She smiles when you look at her (a sneaky small smile, nothing like the huge open mouth grins from Keaton) and giggles when you nuzzle her neck or tickle her belly. The boys still love her--it brings me so much joy to see how sweet they are to her. As soon as she cries, Braden lets me know that she needs milk or her lamb. He wanted to sit in her crib with her today and it was the sweetest.

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It's nice that she's at an age where any face will entertain her--if she's fussing and I need to finish cooking dinner or running I can have one of the boys sit with her and talk to her, and that generally buys me some time. Finley and Braden are pretty willing to sit next to her and sing or play with her for a bit.

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She's doing a good job rolling from her belly to her back. She frequently flips herself to her back in bed after being a pretty solid belly sleeper for the past few months. She's a pretty good napper--she still falls asleep without being nursed most of the time which I feel like is an important skill. I try to get her three naps everyday but its sometimes hard to get them all in with all the running around we do. She's a decent nighttime sleeper--going down around 8 and getting up when I wake her to leave to take the boys to school, between 8 and 9. I normally nurse her around 11 when I go to bed, and then one or two times during the night, depending on how much she misses me. She can totally go all night, and sometimes goes 5 or 6 hours, but generally keeps it closer to 3 or 4. Or 2. Punk baby.

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We're on the second round of ear--one more and I'm going to get an ENT referral because I'm not at all excited about going down the horrible road we did with Keaton. If she needs tubes, I want to get them as soon as they can! At her four month check up, she was 25 inches long and weighed 15 pound--70th percentile across the board. She's got some good chunk on her thighs and cheeks.

 photo 20160112-Merritt Four Months-106.jpg

Apparently I didn't get any pictures of her favorite thing--sucking on her second and third finger. Oh how she loves those fingers. I often have to pry them out of her mouth to get her to eat!

 photo 20160112-Merritt Four Months-53.jpg

On the whole she's just sweet. Sweet sweet sweet. Such an easy baby and basically my favorite little girl in the whole world. Also, can you see that little dimple juuuust to the right of her mouth? Just barely? It's there.

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  1. I just could eat her up. She's so sweet. I love how much the boys love her too! I think I will have a baby girl too.


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