Tuesday, March 22

Merritt || Six Month

Halfway to one!

 photo 20160313-Merritt Six Months-45 copy.jpg

Look at this doll. Gah. She was diagnosed with her third ear infection at her 6 month check up--that combined with one tooth that has poked through and three more on the way, has led to some disrupted sleeping. She's getting back on track and starting to sleep for about 5 hours again--but often it's closer to 3. It's just a phase (I repeat to myself). She's a fussy nurser lately--distracted by everything. She has to be tired and hungry in order to eat--making our days a bit of a balancing act! We're trying to figure out what schedule works best for her--knowing full well that as soon as I figure it out, she'll be in a different phase. I'm trying to figure out how to keep her awake in the car--without fail she decides to nap at school pick up and then doesn't get a full nap in. Sorry fourth baby.

 photo 20160313-Merritt Six Months-62.jpg

She's starting to get more hair, but is still pretty bald. She loves to suck her thumb. Sometimes I just hold her and let her suck her thumb until she dozes off and then trick her into eating when she's asleep. Heh heh heh.

 photo 20160313-Merritt Six Months-102.jpg

Such a content little lady--she'll sit in the exersaucer for quite awhile if she can see the boys. And they really are sweet with her. They love her an awful lot.

 photo 20160313-Merritt Six Months-97.jpg

No scooting yet, but she's a fairly aggressive roller. I pull her out from under furniture quite a bit when she gets stuck! Whoops. So yes, I have a slight obsession with printing fabric and making headbands and blankets and leggings. It's for sure getting out of control.

 photo 20160313-Merritt Six Months-82.jpg

And the most important stuff--she's 16 pounds 4.5 ounces, 26.5 in, and her head is 43.25 cm. About 50-75th percentile for everything.  Hashtag I'm too lazy to look it up.


  1. She makes the best faces! This post makes me feel better about our napping problems - it's so hard to set up when you have to be on the move. And good for her being able to soothe herself to sleep. That's a big deal around here :).

    Side note: I only post the exact percentiles on growth because the pediatrician's office gives me a handy handout with it printed on the front when we leave.

  2. so fun seeing her monthly changes! she is too cute!

  3. I want to kiss those sweet cheeks. I also need to know a little more about the "Merritt" head wrap...

  4. I figured...but what I guess I really wanted to know is how big a song and dance do I need to do to procure one for Lizzy.

  5. That very last picture on the bottom left! *Swoon*


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