Saturday, March 19

Fashion Shoot

Any time Merritt is wearing a cute outfit (which basically every day because baby girl equals doll), Sol says to me, "You are taking pictures of all these outfits RIGHT?" And I try, really I do. So here's one. I bought a five pack of gold and black onesies from Carter's with little flutter sleeves and should probably go buy them in every size because they are the cutest. Ugh, I just went and checked. Sold out.

 photo 20160314-Merritt Six Months-15.jpg

Anyways. She can't really sit up on her own yet, but we're pretending. She was able to balance on the soft bed for about as long as it took to snap a quick picture. I love that shot on the right--when I'm holding her and someone talks to her, she generally smiles at them and then buries her face in my chest--and that's the laying down version of it. Precious.

 photo 20160314-Merritt Six Months-42.jpg

I'm doing my best to keep a bow on her in hopes that she'll be ok with wearing one when she figures out how to pull it off. We'll see, but I'm currently giving it my best shot. Also because bows are just too fun to make. I really need to stop.

 photo 20160314-Merritt Six Months-54.jpg

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