Thursday, April 14

A Star Wars Party for Finley and Braden

I've thrown a lot of big fancy party over the years--this is not one of them. (Aside from the cake table--it looks pretty good.) My friend Lauren and I decided to throw a birthday party for all four kids of our big kids together--a lot less work for us in the long run! It only took a little bit of convincing to get the girl on board with the Star Wars theme.

 photo 20160410-Star Wars Party.jpg

 photo 20160410-Star Wars Party-10.jpg

We rented the local indoor soccer field (again!) and gave each kiddo a pool noodle light saber and only a few kids were minorly injured. We confiscated real light sabers at the door. ;) Long picnic tables were covered in coloring paper for those who didn't want to run around and hit each other.

 photo 20160410-Star Wars Party-27.jpg

Our two families all dressed up (Keaton was an Ewok for a bit!) and a lot of the guests came in costume too!

 photo 20160410-Star Wars Party-34.jpg

My little Rey was a trooper, as always, and was happy to just come along for the ride.

 photo 20160410-Star Wars Party-72.jpg

And little Leia was too cute too!

 photo 20160410-Star Wars Party-67.jpg

Sol did a great job letting kids beat up on him and running around as Darth Vader. We thought the Braden-as-Luke and Sol-as-Darth was an important father-son moment!

 photo 20160410-Star Wars Party-66.jpg

I was worried the kids would be bored and there wouldn't be enough to do--but apparently hitting each other for two hours just doesn't get old.

 photo 20160410-Star Wars Party-58.jpg

It was a big party.

 photo 20160410-Star Wars Party-95.jpg

I was also worried we wouldn't have enough cake--and there are currently two full cakes in my freezer. We were fine.

 photo 20160410-Star Wars Party-101.jpg

Happy birthday to my big boys!


  1. Whoa! You blogged this REALLY REALLY fast! And I'm coming over for a slice of cake.


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