Friday, April 15


Yay Easter! Here's a bunch of pictures. Braden and Keaton both had egg hunts at school--although I only photographed K's. This egg hunt was a turning point for him. He was no longer in it for the joy of finding eggs--he realized they were full of treats and the other egg hunts we did over the weekend were much slower because he had to stop and open them.

 photo 20160323-Easter-2.jpg

I love how much Elisabeth and Keaton love each other! They are both the bossy, silent type and are too cute.

 photo 20160327-Easter-47.jpg

I sewed some Easter baskets for the kiddos this year--because why not? My next door neighbor has an embroidery business and is kind enough to embroider things I run over last minute to her.

 photo 20160327-Easter-3.jpg

Time for our yearly family photo where allergies force me to wear glasses!

 photo 20160327-Easter-79.jpg

Aren't my boys the cutest? They are. I know I'm biased but... cute.

 photo 20160327-Easter-83.jpg

It's cool that I bought a matching dress for M, right? This was my rehearsal dinner dress from 11 years ago and when I saw a similar one at Carter's I had to grab it!

 photo 20160327-Easter-25-1.jpg

Third and final egg hunt! We have the greatest group of friends here who meet every other Sunday for bible study--all 13 of our kids got a ton of eggs! It was a lovely Easter and so fun to celebrate such a special day with our friends and family.

 photo 20160327-Easter-117.jpg


  1. The boys match just the right amount. So coordinated and cute. and Merritt can never match enough. It's totally fine.

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  3. I kind of miss the Halloween buckets from last year...

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