Thursday, October 22

Exploding Pyrex

I made this really yummy sweet potato/butternut squash au gratin dish thingy--and look what happened.

My Pyrex EXPLODED. Literally, exploded. Looking back, I think I made two mistakes. One, re-heating it in the oven only half full made one half of the pan angry. Two, after taking it out, I set it on a slightly wet surface. And it immediately shattered and exploded.

Come to find out, Victoria had just gotten a chain email about Pyrex being produced overseas and the quality being terrible... and I guess it's true. Normally I discard the emails about the newest way people are car-jacking or stealing your identity. I won't anymore.

I learned a really important lesson. Everything you read on the internet is TRUE.

And I definitely ate the potato thing anyway. There is probably glass workin' its way through me now...


  1. Hi Rach - was your Pyrex dish cold when you put it in the oven? That will crack it also along with putting it on something wet and cooler than the pan. Hope it was really good!

  2. Yipes! I saw that warning email too, but I didn't believe it until I saw your picture. Sorry it had to happen to you!

  3. Wait, this is actually possible? How have I not blown up my kitchen by now? I am 3 recipes away from setting my cookware on fire.

  4. We had a pie plate explode last fall. Glad you are OK!

  5. I just saw your blog. My dish EXPLODED this passed weekend. This "save my image" campaign pointing to all sorts of "warning" is complete b/S. Basically it insinuates that their bakeware should not be used for baking. This company should be prohibited from selling their dishes as bakeware!


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