Tuesday, March 16

Boys and their Toys

Finley's current favorite toy is this little yellow car. He searches through his toy box for it and loves to crawl around pushing it. We think it is mysterious how little boys innately know about pushing cars... although sometimes he pushes around an elephant puzzle piece, so maybe he doesn't know what he is doing.

The car is the kind that runs on it's own after you scoot it back and forth, and even though Finn doesn't know how to make it go, he is delighted when Sol and I drive it back and forth by him. We spent quite awhile this evening playing with it--its so cute to watch him crawl around after it and play with it on the floor.

And a very special thank you to Andrew and Ashley, the gifters of the car. You guys know your baby toys.

Also, I can't get him to wear two socks at the same time. He really likes his toes to wiggle.

And you can almost see his baby mullet in these pictures.

That is all.


  1. you should style the front part down into a little dracula triangle--that'd be awesome

  2. I wear socks to bed and always wake up with either one sock off or both socks half way off. Sometimes you just can't wear two socks.

  3. The upside down cars on Finley's shirt look like little creatures with buck teeth.

  4. Eleven days and counting. Bring me the darling Finley and his yellow car. too cute.

  5. Happy Saint Patrick's to the little Celtic warrior on his first Saint Patty's.

  6. We have those cars too! Jacks LOVES them as well...but my little Kennedie loves them just as much!


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