Sunday, May 2

My Legs Hurt.

This post was told by Rach and transcribed by Victoria.

Well, I finished. I ran 3:41:36ish, so I missed qualifying for Boston by 37 seconds.

(I'll let that sink in folks. 37 seconds.)

I'm still excited about how I did. It was relatively hilly and very wet. I ran a very smart race completely in the rain. I saw my baby three times.

More pics to come. Don't cry for me Argentina. The truth is I never left you.


  1. I'd just checked your time via the race site. I'm so sorry. Hilly and wet are super hard. Does this mean that there will be a flat and dry 6th?

  2. Dude, almost!! I still believe you can make it!! The next one is the qualifier. I can feel it!

  3. What a great job you did despite all of those obstacles! Our home is always open if you want to come do the Air Force marathon - I can't believe that there are any hills of note in that race!

  4. Seriously, you are amazing. AMAZING.

  5. That is an amazing accomplishment in such tough conditions!

  6. were you wearing all the medals from your previous marathons in this race? because they may have slowed you down just a bit.

    it's gonna happen for you.

  7. I think it is AMAZING that you finished a marathon. Period. Other words come to mind... Spectacular. Fabulous. Fantastic. Kick Ass. Take your pick.

    Congrats and I am sure you will qualify in the future... if not, you are still awesome in my book.

  8. Congrats! Great time, that is awesome. Sorry about the 37 time you will qualify!!!


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