Monday, May 3

Then Me Now Me

So my new favorite thing is I Heart Faces... and their theme this week is SILLY. You are supposed to recreate a picture of you from when you are little--and I'd encourage all of you to join in!

It's funny to look at this picture and know that my sweet little baby brother Dan is about a foot taller than me now--I guess this means Finley will inevitably grow up too. I remember trying to force Dan and Ben to pretend they were babies long after they were big because I loved to hold them. What will I do when my boy doesn't want to be held anymore? (Who am I kidding, he barely wanted to be held tonight!)

Also, I think these pictures would have been an even better entry, but they aren't of me so I can't use them. Bummer.

In other news, I promise to fill in all the details of the marathon soon. Thanks for being so supportive and loving. The number of emails, tweets, facebook messages and comments that I have received makes me feel so loved. I'm bummed I didn't qualify and mad that I missed it by so little, but I ran my best race and am happy about that. My legs are shot and I forgot the power cord for my laptop, so this is about all you get for tonight.

But stay tuned... there are several thrilling posts on the horizon. Here's a little hint about one: I GET TO MEET PW. Could my life BE any cooler?


  1. Aweh! I love it!! Great job!

  2. What a fun idea! Cute photos.

  3. I love the couch in the 1993 picture. Classic Grimmer style.

  4. oh yeah...the turtle blankie rocks and is a constant in Rachel's life. Great pic, Rach.

  5. Actually its a different blanket... although I'm pretty sure I've had the current one FOREVER, I'm not sure where the old one is from!

  6. Such sweet pictures, what a great then and now!

  7. How old is Dan in the picture? He looks much younger than your little man. So, how did you take the picture? Must have been a very tall tripod or maybe you live with a giraffe. Or maybe it's a stupid question because I only got 2 hours sleep last night. Hmmmmm.....probably the last comment. Looks like fun!


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