Friday, May 7

Pittsburgh Marathon Recap

Here's the breakdown, by the numbers:
5: the number of marathons I have now run.
3:41:35 my official time.
36: the number of seconds I missed qualifying for Boston by.
0: the number of tears I cried because of it.
1000: the number of tears I cried because of LOST.
2: the number of disgusting feet that I had after the race--seriously, they were shriveled, pruny, white, peel-y globs of flesh. Repulsive. Vic accidentally saw them and I think it temporarily blinded her.
376: the number of days since I had given birth at race day.
84: the place I got out of the women (thank you, middle schoolers, for asking me if I won. Your faith in me is inspiring.)
the number of supporters who motivated me to not give up (yay for mom, Vic, Sol, Finley, Aunt Kathy and Hilary!)
2: number of items I requested along the way--I wanted a Vera umbrella if I qualified and a Diet Coke at the finish. Priorities, friends.
1400: the number of feet I ran up.
2: the number of injuries I sustained--sore IT band and weird pain in foot.
8:25 my mile pace
26.2: miles that I ran in the rain
50mm: the lens that met its demise on our driveway after we got home. Sad, poor, broken lens.

And in case you like data as much as me... here is a graph of the elevation and of my splits. I think it is riveting.

As you can see, it was hilly.

And I did a good job maintaining my pace until the end. I wanted to run faster the whole first half but kept telling myself to wait. I am glad I didn't go out faster, because I probably would have been even deader at the end. It is so hard to mentally stay in the race--every second I have to make sure I am running the right speed and not letting myself cruise or go too fast. It is hard. And all those stinking hills did not help. I tend to ALWAYS underestimate how hard a course is and those hills did me in. Several times I wanted to give up, but conveniently that is where my cheering section showed up and helped me believe that I could do it. And I could have done it. They were right. If it hadn't been rainy, if it had been a few degrees cooler, if there had been less hills, I could have done it. And that's the hard thing about racing--there are so many factors out of your control. I trained my very best, and ran my very best race and came up a little short. And that's ok. Sad, but ok.

(I'm really pretty when I run.)

I know I've said this several times, but thanks so much to everyone who supported me. I kept thinking during the race, that I had to qualify because I didn't want to have to tell all the people following along that I didn't make it. I can't even remember how many messages I got from friends--I am a lucky girl. Thanks to everyone who cheered me on, either physically or mentally.

(See Hilary? I have a hard time looking at my camera sometimes too. Also, can I please have your haircut?)

And looking forward... I'm considering running the Poconos Marathon next weekend. Normally, I would not race 2 weeks after another race but this one is so tempting. It's only 4 hours away, I'm already in shape, and the best part? It's entirely downhill. Go check out the elevation. If my body feels recovered, I think I am going to give it another try now. Running another 600 miles to train for one in the fall just sounds exhausting. I don't know if my body will be up for another race so soon, but I'm hoping. I am crazy. Clearly.

(Remembering how I felt during these pictures makes me not really want to run another one. Hmm. But good news, I can walk up and down stairs and sit down completely unassisted. I'm on the road to recovery.)


  1. Good post. Thanks for the documentation. And you are awesome. Let's go home now? This post also makes me tired.

  2. You are crazy. Very crazy. But, if you decide to run next weekend, I'll be cheering you on from afar!

  3. if you run next weekend, I will buy you something vera bradley just for ATTEMPTING again!

  4. Didn't I already buy you a Vera umbrella?

  5. Also, if for some crazy reason you actually do the Poconos marathon, I'll come watch. It's only 4 hours from me too.

  6. You should do it! I'll buy you something too, just because that sounds like a fun way of getting involved. What do you want?


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