Sunday, May 9

12 months = 1 year

I know, I know, Finley turned one awhile ago... I am a bit delinquent on the monthly post. For record keeping's sake, I wanted to jot down what he's up to recently. The blog is my brain, after all.

Height: 29.75 inches
Weight: 20 pounds
Head: 18.25 inches

He's growing--barely. We're just over the 10th percentile for weight and holding strong at the 50th percentile for height. Finley is extremely active and kind of a finnicky eater.

Finley entertains us more and more everyday! He recently learned how to clap (before he would just manically wave his arms around) thanks to "Patty Cake". When we say "pat it" and "roll it" he tries to do the actions with us. He raises his arms to show us that he is "SO BIG" on command. He makes all sorts of funny noises and loves to imitate sounds.

He has also become quite dramatic. When he doesn't like the way his life is going, he will stop whatever he is doing to put his head on the floor and throw a semi-tantrum. Sometimes it's mid-crawl0; he just has to put his head down and yell. I get it--I feel that way too sometimes. He normally gets over it pretty quickly, but it's pretty cute.

He loves to point to stuff--and the other day he pulled out a picture of Sol and said "dada". He's a baby genius! Just kidding. Kind of. Still no walking, but he will hold one hand and walk around with you. I'm ok with him waiting to walk a little longer.

And Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies reading this! What an honor and gift it is to get to be a mom.

In case you miss teeny, little baby Finley, you can waltz back through time below.
11 months
10 months
9 months
8 months
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  1. So cute! Rach, you have such an adorable kid! Love these pictures. :)

  2. This baby is my heart. I love him. I'm going to go wake him up right now for a snuggle.

    Just kidding. Sleeping Finley = happy everyone.

  3. Happy Mother's Day RAchel!

    I <3 your post.

    As far as your little man, he may be small in stature, but big in personality! Can't overlook the Tooth Factor. His teeth percentile must be at the 99th level. XXX

  4. Ty's comments - Baby Finn is a nekkie baby. He brushes his teeth by his self! He seemed amazed at this. He then told him to "swish and spit"


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