Friday, August 20

A New Throne

For Finley's 16 month birthday, we got him... a box!
Just kidding, we really got him a big kid carseat. We're finally upgrading him from the infant carseat carrier. He's such a little peanut that he fits in it still. This Britax seat was on super sale on Amazon (my fave store) so I bit the bullet and bought it. I think I'm going to keep him rear-facing for a little longer--he doesn't seem to mind and everything I read makes it sound like it's the safer way to go. It's one of those things that moms tend to have very strong feelings on. My very strong feeling is that I don't have strong feelings about it. And I like Finley best when he is safe.

Anyways. When I took the seat out of the box, Finley climbed up in it right away, apparently to read the directions.

I buckled him in and let him sit for a few minutes.

Then I unbuckled him. Tantrum. He tried to rebuckle himself. He proceeded to sit in the seat for quite awhile before he start squirming to get down.

The kid values safety. It's just like I always say: safety first, safety last, safety in between.

What a silly boy.


  1. what a cutie pie! i hope my kids will love being safe as much as Finley. :)

  2. Whenever Gracen gets into her carseat and we buckle her in, she yells "seatbelts! so we can be safe!" haha it's from Dora but it's so darn cute.

  3. we love our britax. britaxes? anyway, safe safe safe.


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