Thursday, August 19

Embrace the Camera

So this new Mac is pretty nifty. It does more cool tricks than my baby and dog combined.

Finley's favorite feature is definitely the Photo Booth program. Everyday we spend a good chunk of time taking the same series of pictures on the computer. I try to get him to stick his tongue out and make faces and look ridiculous in the process. Here is one out of 63 very similar shots.

Aren't I lovely?

This is my first week participating in "Embrace the Camera" which hosted by a friend of an internet friend of a real life friend. Got that? The internet is creepy like that. The point is to capture pictures of you with your children instead of always being behind the camera. The quality of these pictures may be terrible, but they make me smile.

I like these little weekly things that blogs do--it gives me something to post when I run out of things to say. Feel free to join in today--or next Thursday!


  1. This is great practice for Finn - we are having a photobooth at the wedding!

  2. love your baby's name! fab photos.

  3. The crazy eye picture is absolutely fantastic!

  4. haha, photobooth is so entertaining :)

    thanks for joining us this week!

  5. you live in NOVA?!?! That's terrific! We are about 1 hr 45 min outside of NOVA and we have family in NOVA. BTW Finley is adorable!

  6. you look like one fun mommy!!! those pictures are so cute!

  7. Rach--very cute pictures of the two of you. Finn loves his mommy!

  8. ya'll look cute. and i want a mac. so jealous.


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