Wednesday, December 1

Did you know I LOVE Kristen Bell?

Because I do.

I love her because she is tiny and funny.

Because she is Veronica Mars (apparently you can watch episodes online for free!)

And she is engaged to Dax Shepard who is SO great on "Parenthood".

And because if you donated $30 to Charity Water for her 30th birthday, she sends you a personalized thank you picture.

But really, she's Veronica Mars.  SHE'S AWESOME.  I'm trying to think of the people I have forced to watch this splendid show, and who in turned loved it, and the number is more than I can count.  That's because I can only count to 5.


  1. did you know she is also the voice of - xoxo gossip girl!

  2. you forced me, I LOVED it, and in turn have forced more people than I can count. Just hooked another reticent watcher last week!

  3. That is SOOO awesome she sends you picture!!!!!!! And, I haven't seen the show....guess I will have to start tivoing it!

  4. count Joe and I in, we love that show! Just finished a marathon viewing session.

  5. whoa...that's pretty damn, i mean, dang cool!

  6. DANG Rach. Six comments on VeVe. we should put celebrities on our blog more often.


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