Friday, December 3

Merry Christmas, Finley

Hey, guess where I am right now.

Nope, not school.  I'm up in the air, in an airplane.  Sol and I have a big weekend planned-we're flying to VEGAS.  And get this--we are going to the NASCAR banquet.  No joke.  I've got my maternity overalls all ready to go.  Just kidding.  I found a cute cocktail dress that fits over my belly, so that is what I am wearing.  Stay tuned.

We're leaving Finley here--it's a long flight and we have sweet friends here taking care of him.  Victoria and Amy are shuttling Finley back and forth.  I can't imagine leaving him with people he knows better or who love him more, but I still get teared up thinking about not seeing him until Monday after school.  That's a long long time.

Because we are suckers for our sweet boy, we gave him his Christmas present tonight.  We wanted him to have fun while we were gone--and he doesn't understand Christmas anyways.  What's the point in making him wait?  It's just cruel.

He loves it.  He loves his little kitchen.

We're writing a book on parenting--the first chapter is about letting your kids crawl on countertops.

Also he is wearing his Christmas pajamas.  My spiritual gift is waiting.


  1. You totally should've taken Finley to a Nascar event so he could fit in with his mullet!

  2. Rachel, we need to talk about a haircut for the little man. What are your thoughts?

  3. OOh. The haircut is coming up again. Here's what you don't know ladies - the little guy has started blowing his hair out of his face with his mouth.

    Maybe we'll get a haircut while Rach and Sol are gone. JUST KIDDING. That's the meanest thing I can imagine.

  4. the overalls comment was FUNNY. please tell me you have a pair and that you'll post some maternity pics wearing them! have fun on your trip!

  5. Not just on the counter top, but on the stove! Go Finley!

  6. Stop. I love the hair. Sol says I need to get him detangler. We can have a haircut forum after we see if that improves the curls. Because the curls are so sweet.

  7. I LOVE the comment about how cruel it would be to make Finley wait for Christmas. HOHOHO!

  8. This can be chapter 7 in my book of parenting.


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