Tuesday, January 4

Christmas Goodies

Santa was good to us this year!

My best best gifts were a sweet surprise iPad from my parents, a pink iPod nano, and some AWESOME platinum/gold Sperry's from my husband.  How cool are they?  SO COOL, right?  (Also cool?  Sol was totally not posing for this picture.  He stands like that 95% of the time.  And I lounge around with my feet up 95% of the time too.  Also I'm wearing skinny jeans, all for you Marie and Vic.)

Finley got spoiled a bunch--we got him the kitchen, my parents got him a slide-basketball-hoop apparatus and Sol's family got him a ton of goodies.  Because we are huge suckers, we also decided to get him this dancing, singing Mickey.  He likes it and likes to show it to people, he's not quite as enamored with it as I would like considering the price tag... but I'm really pushing for this Disney World trip to be the highlight of, well, his life, so hopefully Mickey helps us get there!

Sol got 13 custom made shirts (long story...) and a Blu-Ray surround sound system.  Neither of those are fun to photograph. He also got a make your own beer kit and a fancy new Dremel!  Lucky boy, however I hope he doesn't plan to mix beer and Dremel...injury and property damage are the likely result.

In closing, my iPad is basically serving as a fancy Scrabble board (rachelps on Words with Friends, let's play!) so I am happy to take suggestions for cool apps.  Lay em on me.


  1. omg you got an iPad? I am so bitter and consumed with jealousy I may have trouble being friends with you for awhile

  2. Ok, I really have to know the story behind the custom shirts... like monogrammed?

  3. iPad = lucky girl! Dancing Mickey = lucky Finley!

  4. Forget the IPad, give me those shoes!! Ha, so adorable. Look at you rockin' the skinny jeans with the metallic flats. Fashion blogger in disguise.


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