Friday, January 14

Finley on the Carousel

I've been struggling with how to process all the pictures from our great Florida adventure, and I've decided to go ahead and post pictures in short bursts.  Victoria reminded me today that it's my blog and I'm doing it to keep my memories instead of scrapbooking so I should post whatever I want, even if no one comments.  Amen, sister.

Because I certainly want to remember this sweet boy on the carousel, with his sock monkey/pirate socks.

The carousel rarely had a line and Finley seemed to enjoy riding around.  He had to wear a silly leather strap to hold him to the horse and it wasn't even close to fitting his tiny waist.

In unrelated news, I took Finley to the doctor to check his weight  and because he's been a little sniffly/coughy for the past month or so--and it turns out he has a sinus infection and two ear infections.  This news makes me even more impressed with his sweet behavior at Disneyworld.  I'd take him back in a second.

He only gained an ounce over the past 3 months, but the doctor said that was fine because most babies lose weight when they are sick.  He's been pretty mopey the past few days and said "up please!" about a thousand times, but I'm glad he should be feeling good soon.  Thank you, antibiotics.


  1. Finley is absolutely adorable. Keep the pictures coming!!

  2. Like the vignetting. I am going to win for the most times I compliment Finn on his looks on your blog. ADORABLE :-)

  3. Hi. These would make good BIRTHDAY INVITATIONS. Circus! Carousel! yea!

  4. Noah's favorite phrase "UP PLEASE!" Sooo cute on the Carousel!

  5. I miss him (and his parents)! Feel better soon, sweet Finn!!

  6. What a sweet disposition Finley has...give him a kiss and hug from us and while you're at it Sol, too.


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