Thursday, January 20

Two Cute

It's been awhile since we've had a Finley and Calvin picture!  It's that time.

(thanks Vic!)

Children's Place accidentally shipped me two of these sweaters--luckily there are two little boys that need to stay warm.  How cute are they?  And don't they look like they are slightly Siamesed Twins?

And thanks for all the hilarious comments on Finley's hair--here and on Facebook.  They were so fun to read and surprisingly split between to cut, or not to cut.  I'll... umm... get back to you on my decision.  Decisions like this take time.


  1. Two of the people are in the photo are more excited to see me than the other two. Guesses?

  2. Love! It was so fun to watch both these cute boys one morning last week. I thought I'd have seen you by now, but want to relay the "conversation" I had with Finley about his trip to Disney World. So hope to talk soon.

  3. Calvin has grown so much! Nice pic to see them both.


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