Monday, February 21

22 Months

I'm pretty sure Finley is 22 months today. This month thing is getting confusing. This means he's two months from being TWO and having a little brudder.  What a fun age he's at--he surprises me everyday with what he knows!  Tonight I told him he gets to wear his pirate pajamas and he started singing, "YO HO YO HO!"  I'm a proud mama.

He can match colors and occasionally tells me things are purple rather than always saying they are yellow. Progress.  He knows some letters and numbers, but not in any order.  He can sort shapes well and say some of their names.

His new favorite song... is the Glee version of "Baby" by none other than Justin Bieber.  I think Finley likes it because he likes the Bieb's hair so much.  He sings "baby baby baby oh..." and the "down, down, down" part.  Those are some of his favorite words.  His vocabulary grows more and more every day.

We got him a little potty seat to practice sitting on--he likes to sit on it and is starting to understand what he's supposed to do there.  He is pretty good at tooting on it and today he peed while standing beside it.  On the floor.  I'm counting that as a victory.

He likes to clean and be clean.  We spent almost an hour today cleaning cabinets and baseboards.  When I got out the Swiffer to clean the floors he yelled "BROOM! BROOM!" and ran to get his little broom to help.  He helps me pick up his toys every night and only occasionally dumps them back out after putting them away.

In addition to the standard baby trick of, "How big is Finley?" with raising his arms in the air, we have also taught him "How strong is Finley?" complete with flexing and "How cute is Finley?" where he strikes this little pose.

Sleeping has been a struggle for the past few weeks--he used to go to bed so sweetly!  We'd pray with him, tell him we love him and then tell him goodnight and he'd hug his stuffed animals and make sweet baby noises.  But RECENTLY he's been yelling "MAMA DADDY!" repeatedly and cryyyyying instead of sleeping sweetly.  But tonight!  He went to sleep real sweetly.  So I'd say we're cured.


  1. man. leaving him to go to boston must have been tough. his looks are killer.

  2. Sol loved the word "down" at that age, too! Only though when he repeated it about 5 times whenever he said it. Finley looks so happy...miss that little guy!

  3. deuce deuce!

    that kind of sounds bad...but i mean, it could pertain to 22 months or to pottytraining.

  4. He pretty much is the cutest kid. Good job parents.


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