Wednesday, February 16

Rachel vs. the Boston Marathon

If you know much about me, you know that all I really want is to qualify for the freaking Boston Marathon.  One time I lied and said that there is special qualifying time for new mothers, but that is untrue. Up until today, I had to run 3:40:59 to qualify.  A normal person would say, "Wow.  Three hours forty minutes and 59 seconds?  That seems like a really long time to run."  But not me.  I say, "Three hours forty minutes and 59 seconds?  I'm going to have to run my tail off to make it across the finish line that quickly."

(This is what I will look like when I eventually run the big race.)

So the big news in that marathon world today... the qualifying times for Boston have changed.  In a way that is not good for people who are 30 seconds shy of qualifying already (3:41:35... see my recap of the Pittsburgh marathon).  I'm a little hazy on what the actual implications are... but it sounds like in 2013, the new qualifying for me will be 3:35 instead of 3:40.  And in the meantime, they will register runners in order of fastest qualifying times.  So even if I ran a 3:38 in the next year, there's a chance it would still fill up before it got to me.


Well, who knows what will happen.  Since I'm currently running 13 min/miles I have a long way to go.  Running for two is slow.  My current plan is still to give it another try--I'll run something in the Fall (Chicago? Marine Corps? NYC?) and likely not qualify since I didn't qualify last time I had just given birth (4:06:58... see my recap of Marine Corps).  Then I'll run something in the Spring (Poconos? Houston? OKC?) and hopefully qualify.  And then I may give up.  That certainly is easier.

I feel like pushing a double stroller full of children is going to help me run a little faster?  And I know there are things I can do to help myself be faster (stop eating like a crazy person, stretch, cross train...) and I feel like I owe to myself to try once more, even though it's going to be a little harder.

***And for the record, I think it is probably a good idea that they are making the qualifying times a little faster... last year the race sold out in 8 hours!  Marathons are becoming more and more popular and people are getting faster and faster... so I guess it's fair.  But that doesn't mean I like it.

Wish me luck.


  1. This was a good post Rach. Fair points. Let's double check just to be sure there is no qualifying time for moms, okay?

  2. thoughts exactly. Sort of see that carrot on the stick thing here.

  3. or i mean, you could just wait till your not prego. just a thought.


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