Tuesday, March 15

Finley's Favorites

Here are two of the things Finley loves to do.

1.  Whatever daddy is doing...  Raking.  Picking up sticks. Picking up dog poop (with his bare hands).  Lounging with his arms out.

2.  Brushing his teeth. On his own. He tolerates us brushing his teeth for a little bit--even though he chomps down on the brush to try to suck the toothpaste off.  But after we brush his teeth he looooves to carry his toothbrush and toothapaste around until we convince him to put it away before bed.  Also he loves to say "AWAY."

And also he loves to wear cute stripey pajamas.


  1. I like that you added the comment about his pjs because I was thinking they are really cute!! :)

  2. That Daddy is going to be super popular when little man #2 comes into the picture! I can see the rough play and general silliness that will be happening. Those boys like to run in packs.


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