Monday, March 14

It's Electric.

I know this picture will do nothing to dissuade the "pro-haircut" faction of Finley lovers.  But I obviously like to stir the pot, since I posted an equally ridiculous picture a month ago. (And I'm pretty sure that post got MORE comments than the one announcing baby #2... so I'm glad people care more about Finley's hair than his brother.  Sad face.)

The thing is, if I cut his hair it wouldn't stand up when he goes down the slide.  And then our daily lessons on electricity become significantly more theoretical and less practical.

And--wouldn't this be a sweet profile picture to use to make a silhouette?

His hair will get cut eventually.  Promise. We have some big events coming up and he needs to look his best.  His father and I are in continuous talks as to what needs to be cut and who needs to cut it.  However, when it does get cut, it will be of our own volition... since clearly we disregard half of the comments we get regarding his hair.  But the half of the comments that are "pro-hair" we cling to strongly.



  1. I love this!!! I am giving you the stylish blogger award...go to my website to see how to claim it. I always love reading your blog :)

  2. Finley is shooting off sunshine rays from his head!


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