Wednesday, March 16

What Finley Looks Like When He Sleeps

So I got a new camera, which I plan on blogging about tomorrow.

In the meantime, I have taken and plan to take like a million pictures.

First up is Finley before he goes to bed.  He thought it was hi-larious when I was taking his picture because I used the flash--and I rarely use the flash.  He giggled and giggled as he pretended to sleep.  (Ironic that the first pictures I post from the new camera are with a flash. Tsk tsk.)

Things to notice in the pictures.  He must be holding both monkeys and his blanket to sleep.  Also, Vic brought him this ball from Canada that he also needs to hold when he sleeps.  You can also see the evidence on the rails of the crib of what happens after we leave the room--he turns into baby Wolverine and tries to claw his way out.  Just kidding, the bar from the brace he has to sleep in has absolutely massacred the inside of the crib--it looks like a war zone.

Night night Finley!  And my apologies in advance for the slew of pictures and probably boring posts that will come in the following weeks...


  1. sooooooooooo....whacha gonna do with the other camera *wink wink nudge nudge*

  2. Just one question...How many monkeys are there really in that bed?! I think that would be a great contest to see who comes the closest to getting the count correct. I see hundreds!

  3. These small pictures don't seem to be 18 jillion mega pixels.


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