Saturday, April 9

The End is In Sight

Friday was my last doctor's appointment for this little boy.  Unlike the last time around when my OB had a baby a week before Finley was due and ABANDONED ME, this doctor is more than happy to deliver this baby in a timely manner.  (And thanks to our resident photographer and Finleysitter, Victoria, for taking these silly pictures and for watching Finley so we could go on a very special date tonight!  We convinced Finley to take these pictures by telling him to put the mailtruck on his head.  Very normal.)

So the original plan was to be induced Monday, but my doctor has had something come up and was hoping I'd be ok being induced Tuesday--which I am because I like the 12th and Tuesdays better than the 11th and Mondays.  He'd mentioned several times before that he didn't think he'd have me come in the night before--he could probably just start me on Pitocin in the AM and pop that sucker out.  That's the medical terms he used.  But now, he'd like me to come in the night before and give me Cytotec which apparently can jumpstart labor which means I'd likely have the baby in the middle of the night.  Not exactly my preferred way of starting off baby #2.  We're going to call Monday morning and make a final plan, but I'm hoping I can sleep in my own bed Monday night and just go in Tuesday morning.  Anyone have any experience being induced with a pill rather than Pitocin?  I don't know much about it.

I was induced last time about a week late and delivered Finley in just over 6 hours.  My epidural didn't work and it kind of hurt.  My plan this time?  I hear second babies are faster, so my goal is to be beat my marathon time of 3 hours and 40 minutes.  I think I can totally do it.  I'm also leaning towards not having an epidural--I figure as long as it is shorter than last time then I'll be fine.  I think all I have left to do before having the baby is make my childbirth playlist--I'm taking my cue from Quinn Fabray and going to have Bohemian Rhapsody playing on repeat.  So actually, I'm totally ready.

How do I know the end is in sight?  Well for starters, I have definitely done permanent damage to my jaw by the sheer amount of ice I consume. I have self diagnosed TMJ and it's escalated to a very sharp stabbing pain when I try to bite anything. It's out of control.  I'm always trying to figure out where I'm going to get my next nice cold cuppa ice.  And its about time I don't make myself a bowl of ice for my late night snack.

And the expiration date of the milk is past my due date--but only because I cheaped out and bought non-organic milk this time.  My organic milk expires in like a month and a half.  I better not be pregnant then.

So stay tuned... hopefully there won't be any more posts before we have another little guy in our ranks!  Wish me luck.


  1. This is all good. And I'm a good photographer for an amateur.

  2. They used cytotex on know how short that went...

  3. Prepare for TMI- Cytotec and Pitocin work in different ways. Pitocin just makes your uterus contract more, but it doesn't directly make your cervix thin and dilate. They will generally only use Pitocin ALONE if your cervix is already dilating by itself. Cytotec does the opposite- it dilates and thins your cervix, but doesn't actually initiate contractions itself. So which on they give you depends partially on what your cervix is doing. They can both be pretty fast, depending on how your body responds. Sincerely, Almost Doctor

  4. Love the family of 3 pics, especially Finn's truck and "that's what she said" shirt. He's so up with pop culture.

    Can't wait to meet baby boy #2! Sending prayers and love this week, Rach.

  5. Can't wait for 'lil scott! :) Praying that momma, daddy and baby do well through the birthing process!

  6. YAY! You will have BOY #2 on Noah's birthday. I'm hoping I don't have another 3 weeks of pregnancy... but we'll see. =) Best wishes!

    Your preggo blog friend- Shelly

  7. i had cytotec and it was fab. very quick labor... but i've also had pitocin and again, worked like a charm. it'll be great either way. but i do love an epidural. just saying.

    hopefully you can do tues morning. i mean, you're going to be exhausted need to make it super exhausting. that's rude.

  8. kk..after doing some research, I've narrowed down the possibilities for #2 Boy Names. Since this list includes Finn as a popular name, I thought what the heck, it might be part of the name game. So, the choice may include:Aiden, Benjamin,Connor,Dylan,Elijah,Finn(taken),Gavin,Hunter,Ian,Jaden,Kaden, Logan,Michael,Noah,Owen,Parker,Quin,Ryan, Samuel,Tyler,Vincent, Wyatt,Xander,Yoshi, Zachary. No "U" name as they are not popular. Choice not to make: Samuel Owen Scott (initials would be S.O.S.) but Yoshi Elijah Scott would be memorable. Hunter Ian would be cute(H.I.S.). DEFINITELY avoid Parker with an "I" middle, but Aiden would be sweet. I guess more for a girl but ppl may nickname "faux" so never mind that one.

    This is what I am occupying myself with as I wait for new grandson to make his appearance. :o)

  9. Always check the initials - mine were originally A.S.S. until a kind nurse pointed that out to my mother! We are eagerly awaiting the news and wishing you a quick and easy delivery of a perfect baby boy!

  10. I just really love your pregnant belly. It's so cute.


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