Saturday, May 14


Finley has recently decided he really likes apples.  He nibbles at them like a squirrel and doesn't realize that he shouldn't eat the stem.  And he drops it in the dirt or leaves it on the carpet and his fingers get sticky.  But, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, so I guess it's ok.

(And Maya, the shirt is from the Children's Place, I don't think they make them in your size. Sorry.)  

Braden is looking forward to the day when he has sharp enough munchers to enjoy an apple with his brother.

And thanks for the suggestions for things to keep me occupied in the middle of the night--I'm currently watching Party Down because I have a crush on Adam Scott/Ben Wyatt from Parks and Rec and because my love for anyone who was on Veronica Mars knows no end.  I also watched Easy A which was really funny.  And I'm thinking about Friday Night Lights... because there is no good reason that I haven't watched it.  That should keep me busy for another week.


  1. I think I could set a record with the number of FIRST comments I make on your blog.

    Maybe he loves apples because he's going to be a REALLY great math teacher!!!

  2. Did you like Party Down? I LOVE that one. And Easy A was pretty good...enjoy :)

  3. Dang...I was hoping I could rock that shirt as well. Oooh wait, don't you have a t-shirt press making machine? This could be a late night activity... :)

  4. Your hair looks SO dark in the last picture. Where did Finley get such bleach-blonde hair?? Can't wait to see you guys on Monday!!


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