Tuesday, May 31

Braden was born!

I think everyone knows that by now.  But I finally sent out announcements and I thought I'd share one here so it can be preserved for all time--since I'll probably lose the printed copy.

I designed the announcement and took the picture alllll by myself.  Impressed?  Then you should go to my Etsy shop and see the other things designed by Vic and me.  If you aren't impressed, then don't go.  I won't have hurt feelings.  Just kidding, I will.  Maybe.


  1. I'm impressed. And your baby is cute.

  2. We love the picture of Braden and actually thought you had gone to a studio to have it taken. It is such a sweet picture. And such a sweet little man; we miss seeing him.

  3. a little chubby cherub. he is freaking so cute.

  4. Hey!!! Guess what! you didn't lose the printed copy! It's on your refrigerator!


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