Thursday, May 26

Family Pictures at Vic's Party

This weekend was my BFFFF's Victoria's graduation and party.  She had her party in a cute seafood restaurant in Georgetown, and we got some great pictures together.  This one of my favorite family pictures so far!

Braden was a trooper and slept most of the time--some in his carseat and and some in his daddy's arms.

He rested in my arms too at the pre-graduation brunch.  (There was lots of celebrating.)

Here's Finley with the graduate of honor and me.  I can't talk about Victoria (or TORI! as Finley calls her) leaving me in July or how much me and the boys are going to miss her--because I don't want to cry anymore today.  Glee, Oprah and the season finale of Cougar Town took all my tears. 

Happy graduation Vic!  Don't go!


  1. I do LOVE all these photos. Like a lot. And you guys. ALSO a lot.

  2. I promise to always be the first commenter on your blog in Kansas.

  3. Oh my what a smushy little boy, I love! Great pics and beautiful family.

    Thanks for linking with me, keep Em in your prayers.

  4. SO precious! I love how the men are rockin the stripes :-)

  5. These pictures are so beautiful! You look great!

  6. gorgeous photos. and your hairstyle is perfect on you, btw...just in case you care about a complete stranger's opinion on your hair. lol

  7. What great pics ~ especially the family one and the one of you and your little Braden, super sweet!

  8. Such sweet photos! I was also noticing your hair... it looks great!

  9. Just move back to Kansas and take your turn living in HER basement :)


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