Monday, May 23


My favorite, favorite way to hold my boys was when they fell asleep on my chest, legs tucked under their tushes and hands under their face.  I loved their scent of their sweet baby heads and the warmth of their little bodies, and the way they would sometimes sweetly sigh as they slept.  And also their noggins are close enough for me to kiss whenever I need to.

Sol snapped this picture of Braden as he was about to fall asleep on my chest.

And it reminded me of this picture of Finley, taken in June of 2009 in Boston.  Finley is a two weeks older in this picture but I still think they look very similar.

I'm not sure how I have such chubby babies, but I like it.  I will leave you with this picture of the two boys... Finley is doing well with Braden.  He's not so interested in Braden that I fear for his safety.  He does really like to get down and lay with Braden on his play mat, which is quite cute.  Braden is oblivious.


  1. Ditto, Grandma Mary! Makes my heart go pitter patter!!

  2. agreed and agreed. so sweet.

    spill all your secrets on your milk production. i need to fatten mine up.

  3. I would like to discuss color blocking with the images. It's an interesting solution to the vertical dilemma.


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