Thursday, July 14

Pinkberry and Snuggles

Two pictures with my two boys.

My favorite thing to do with Finley?  Eat Pinkberry!  Finley requested chocolate with berries.  I had chocolate and pomegranate with lots of mochi and chocolate chips and pomegranate drizzle.  YUM.

My favorite thing to do with Braden?  Snuggle.  Hold him.  Smell his head.  Kiss his cheeks.  Stare at him while he sleeps.


  1. Mmmm... No Pinkberry around here, but it sounds delish! And snuggling a baby and taking in their amazing scent and soft skin..... is there anything more wonderful?!

    Great pictures and post!

  2. Yum. Your boys are so adorable....Love your pictures!

  3. Great pictures.. baby snuggles are the wonderful.. and watching your kiddos grow and seeing their personalities so amazing..

  4. I love Pinkberry. I even drive 30 minutes to get it. You pics with your little ones are precious.


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