Monday, July 18

Let the Magic Begin

Almost ten years ago, Victoria and I went to see the first Harry Potter on our initiation weekend.  Can you see the tagline of the movie?  Let the magic begin.  If you can look past our cool hair you can see the beginnings of a very successful movie franchise and a equally successful friendship.  Harry was right--the magic began very close to that first HP viewing.

We went to see the very last Harry Potter at midnight on opening day.  Can you see the tagline of the finale?  It all ends. We thought it was fitting--today Victoria is driving back to Kansas after two years of living in our house.

These awesome silk screened t-shirts were made to commemorate the big day--they turned out about as well as our first attempt.  As I was cutting out the freezer paper I said to Vic, "I wish I could say this is the weirdest thing we've ever done."  Weirder things we've done include but are not limited to: fashion blogging, going to BlogHer, taking our dogs to the pool... lots of crafts, lots of blogs designed, and lots and lots of fun. 

We ended our time in Virginia the way most evenings go--a trip to Pinkberry, watching an episode of Firefly while playing on our laptops/iPads and staying up a little too late.  We've be so lucky to have Vic here, not just because she keeps us stocked with baked goods, offers free babysitting, loves all the exact same things I do or speaks the same special language as me.  It's because she's kind of slipped into our home and become part of our family--and it's a little bit hard to let a piece of your family go.  Even when they are leaving for grand things.

I'm already sort of a hot mess today--Finley has asked for Tori a few times already and I am not sure how to explain to him that she's not downstairs anymore.  But he deserves a mommy who isn't crying all the time, so I'll try to buck up.  Kansas girls, take care of her for us.  And Vic, you know where to find me.  Twitter, Gchat, WWF, Facebook, Pinterest, blog, Facetime, text, phone, email... actually, just WUPHF me if you need me.


  1. Haha...your WUPHF comment made me chuckle. Love The Office!

  2. oh man this post made me laugh really hard...because of the fashion blogging. and then really sad because you're sad that vic is leaving. come visit soon.

  3. Already today people are looking at me funny when i talk. Apparently it isn't norma to say shizzle and yo every other sentence. natch, I will continue.


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