Thursday, August 11

Two Out of Four Smiles

I was overwhelmed (and validated!) by all the comments about my poor pup's haircut--thanks for coming out of the woodwork to comment, text or email me about how hard you laughed.  We're still laughing over here. It's always a pleasant surprise to know that more than my mom and Vic are reading.

Since Vic is gone, it's a lot harder for me to get pictures with me in them... so here's my effort for this week.    Bald Copper, semi smiley Finley and LL Cool B (that's Braden's rapper name.)

I may be making a weird face and have less than perfect hair, but at least I have this picture to remember all the days I spend sitting on the floor wrangling children.


  1. How is your dog so ugly? JK. I think he is hilarious. And if you stopped over from Embrace the Camera, I'm not rude. I'm her BFF and allowed to be a little bit snarky.

  2. Hi Rachel - poor Cooper just won't be able to show his face for a while at any dog park! Count me in as your 3rd regular reader - I just have trouble commenting most of the time.

  3. I love this shot- it captures the moment so perfectly.

  4. I'm visiting through embracing the camera. I think that's a pretty good self timed picture. I had to go back and look at the picture of your dog. That is too funny, I would have gasped too- at least it's just hair.


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