Monday, August 15

Messy Faces

In an effort to sneak more calories into little Finley, I decided to make popsicles for him to have as a summer treat. I picked out these popsicle molds which are great--he can hold the handle easily and they catch all the drips! These ones are greek yogurt, berries and some chocolate chips.  He really liked stripping down to his diaper and eating them on the deck after his nap.

And it's a good thing I stripped him down--they are messy.  Sol thought he looked like the Joker or Hannibal Lecter.  Which is frightening and a little true.

Not Braden though.  He was his regular, sweet, drooly self.

Anyone have any good popsicle recipes?  I was thinking about sneaking in some flax seed and am looking for other suggestions!


  1. Hi, Rachel! I am a blog stalker--reached yours through Kristin L's. I worked with K as an AR and always knew about your blog. You always keep me laughing! And someday I will enlist your help with blog design for my sewing biz.

    Anyway, wheat germ is another good addition to popsicles. We love popsicles year round around here. Have also heard of a good green smoothie with avocado--never tried it, but could probably freeze it pretty well, too.

    Happy popsicling!
    Mandi McKinley

  2. Finn loves avocado. You should try that. Also, I like Braden's sweet hair and eyes and ears. And drool.

  3. Love that popsickle face! Here are 3 combinations Finn might like:
    1. cream cheese, honey, blended with a little cream, blueberries folded in and then rolled in toasted granola when frozen.
    2. frozen banana, peanut butter blended with vanilla protein powder and almond milk, then add white chocolate chips or shavings.
    3. lemon sherbet and vanilla protein powder blended, add mango pieces and then sprinkles on top after frozen

    Ummmmm. Braden get ready. It will be your turn next summer!

  4. My nephews are just so adorable! MIss them mucho!

  5. I like this blog too and they have some popsicle ideas:
    Here's another that sneaks in lots of nutrients :) (check out the shrek popsicles!)
    Love your blog!!! such a super cute family!

  6. my mom used to put just plain mashed up bananas in the mold. They were actually really good.

  7. Ooo, I just looked at those popsicle molds on Amazon!!
    Hi Rachel,
    I lived around the corner from Sol and fam when we were little and through high school-lots of fun stories with the Petit-Scott's, Sol accidentally shot me with a BB gun once, camped in their backyard, lots of swimming, etc.
    Enough of my memory lane trip, tell Sol I say "Hi".
    We do smoothies a lot with spinach, lots of it, you can't taste it if you have berries or cherries in the smoothie. We do yogurt and ground flax seed. I've read Chia seed is good too!
    Avocado, banana and chocolate would be good. There is actually a recipe in Dr. Oz's parenting book that makes a pudding with those three ingredients.
    I freeze the left over smoothie in our popsicle molds.
    I'm enjoying your blog, beautiful family you guys have. BTW, we cloth diaper too!!


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