Monday, September 19

Animal Instincts

I like to call this picture, "The Wild Beast Devouring His Prey."

No seriously, he was going to town on poor Sophie.  Like, straight for the jugular.  He has animal instincts.

Please ignore my goofy voice in this video.  One of the best best things about this age is that they will smile when you just talk to them.  Finley?  I can not possibly be funny enough for him to smile at me most of time.


  1. You know that I can't watch the video at work but I'll be back. ALSO. I LOVE BABY BRADEN. I think I'll write a post about it.

  2. Love the farting noise. Braden is SO cute.

  3. so cute how he perked up when he heard you! LL Cool B loooovvesss his mommie!!!

  4. So cute! We have "Sophie" too only at our house she is known as the "crack giraffe" because of how much both our kids tweeked out over it. They couldn't get enough Sophie! Innapproriate? Maybe. Accurate in description? You bet. :)


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