Friday, September 16

Five Months

Brace yourself--I couldn't decide which pictures I liked so I'm posting like... ten.  I'm sure the grandmothers and Victoria will be happy.  And anyone else who appreciates sweet babies.

Here's a little grin from B-Town--Finley cut his first tooth at about 5.5 months, so I'd be expecting one pretty soon.  I love lil bald, toothless guys.

No crawling or scooting yet--just some ninja like movement when I'm not looking.  He manages to rotate himself around and can make some forward progress, I just don't know how.

Still lots of drool--accompanied by lots of smiles and giggles.  We're just starting to work on sitting--he kind of collapses on himself at this point, but can sit decently well if he's in our laps.  He loves to stand and hold our hands too.

I think he might be sweetest when he's sleepy.  It's crazy how at five months, he already knows things about our house.  As soon as we walk into his room, he lays his head on my chest and starts sucking his thumb--even if he's not sleepy.  He knows that's the room he sleeps in.  He's a great sleeper (compared to Finley.)  Most of the time he falls asleep as soon as you lay him in his crib.  He naps three times a day with a longer one in the afternoon.  He goes to bed around 8 and wakes up a little after 9.  (I KNOW!)  He still wakes up twice to eat at night.  I might try to get him to sleep through one of those soon.

He's nursing about seven times a day.  We'll probably start solids with him in the next month--we started right about now with Finley because he was such a terror at night.  It didn't help him at all.  I'm not ready to be chained to making cereal and baby food again, so we're going to hold off a little longer.  (Question:  anyone ever make their own baby cereal?  That stuff gets expensive!)

Braden's getting better at his hands (he studies them frequently) and can grab toys and get them to his mouth to chomp.

I'm so so blessed that he ended up being such a happy baby.  If we didn't have a video monitor, I think I wouldn't even know when he wakes up from naps.  He just rolls around and sucks his thumb until I come in--and then I get big big smiles.

Also, is it too soon to start planning his first birthday?   Probably so, right?


  1. I am going to show all my friends at work and read this post nine more times.

  2. Grandma is very happy with the plethora of pics!

  3. Victoria, check.
    Relatives, check.

    Guess that puts me in the appreciates sweet babies category :)

    He'll get along well with Dinah. She is a thumb-sucking, happy-waking, ninja-like mover too!

  4. Braden is such a cutie! LOVE all the pictures, adorable! I made ALL of Delaney's baby food including cereal and plan to do the same for Jules in a few months when we start solids with him. It was actually really fun, economical and super nutritional! Hit me up if you are interested in some resources I used. I'd be happy to share!

  5. I love my tough, handsome little men.

  6. call me your grandmother. because i love many many pictures of your peanut.


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