Monday, September 26

A Running Update

I am 75% way through my marathon training and realized I haven't really blogged about it.  Which means it hasn't actually happened.

I'm running the Richmond Marathon (and stalking Young House Love) on November 12.  It will be my sixth marathon--and the fourth one that I'll have run just for "fun."  I've run two "seriously"--meaning I tried and failed to qualify for Boston.  (But not by much!)  As with the Marine Corps Marathon two years ago, my goal isn't to do anything fast or awesome, it's just to come in around 4 hours.

I ran 18 miles Saturday and it was MISERABLE.  And most of you are saying, of course it was miserable, YOU RAN 18 MILES.  But, I'll have you know the weekend before I ran 17 miles and it was GLORIOUS.  I could have kept on going.  It's so crazy how the slightest changes in the weather and your body can affect a run so much.  I'm running just under 10 minute miles for my long runs (a far cry from the 8:23s I ran at the Pittsburgh Marathon) but still much faster than the 12 minute miles I run pushing 100 pounds of little boy and stroller around our neighborhood.  HEAVY.

And here's moi after 17 miles.  Obviously I put my hand on my hip because I still have 10 pounds to lose and Vic says it makes one look skinnier.  And I concur.


  1. um your arms aren't where you need to lose any weight weirdo. they always look buff.

  2. it seems like you’re falling into the same trap i do––the comparison game, when you compare your times now to your times sometime in the past. i remind myself CONSTANTLY (for example in the midst of a 15K on saturday) that i should be thrilled at what I can do, instead of what i can’t. and you can run 18 miles. AWESOME.

    p.s. right now planning on a full in April - the OZ Marathon in Olathe. It’s the day before Boston :) i thought it would be cute to run my first full while i’m 26.

  3. so this is how my sister tells me she is nuts too.

  4. Rach, you are inspiring to me. Just FYI.

    And, the weather has sucked here lately. No fun for my short outings...and definitely not for your 18-miler.

  5. This is one of the first blogs of yours I read after I met you. It's not THE first one, but one of the first ones that your widget brought me to after I enjoyed a different post. But I remember reading this and being like, "whoa... she runs. Like she RUNS runs..." and I felt really intimidated. Not as intimidated as when I first saw the Harvard part on your FB, but pretty intimidated nonetheless.

    I think it's funny that stalking your widget brought me to this post again today -- and that I know you so much better now that I just think you're lovely and amazing.


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