Tuesday, October 18

Unbearably Cute

Do you like that pun I made?  I'm hilarious.

Back when little Finley was six months old, I stuck him in this same outfit and in this same basket and made him take these same pictures.

What's the point in having two boys if you don't make them wear the same clothes and do the same things.  There's no point.

I actually didn't do any sun flare ones two years ago because I had no idea how to use my camera.  And now I have like three ideas about how to use my camera.

Copper is a lot more tolerant of Braden than he was of Finley--I guess he's accepted his place in our house and knows that the boys pose no real threat.  Except for the fur pulling.  Which happens a lot less often because of his "special" haircut...

Um, really.  Too sweet.

Braden still wasn't too interested in smiling at me, much like his brother two years ago.  But he's forgiven, based on him being adorable.  I'm loving the fall weather and getting to get out a new set of warm clothes for the boys.  Jackets!

And just for comparison's sake, here's little chubby Finley at six months.

Oh boys.  Love them.


  1. I feel like Tuesday might be a good day. It started with nine million photos of B TOWN. YEAH!

  2. oh my word…that child looks like you.

  3. Love the photos! Cute boys. Definitely brothers.


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