Tuesday, November 8

I'm Running a Marathon Saturday

I keep forgetting that.  It's in Richmond.  It's 26.2 miles long, just like the rest of them.  It will be my sixth one.

My goal is just to beat my slowest time--4:07.  I'm not sure if I'll do that--it's been tough training with two little ones.  And my long runs were slower than the long runs at this point last time around.  I'm struggling with being competitive with myself and how fast I think I should run.  I need to relax and just go have fun.  (And the non-marathoners laugh and say, I'm pretty sure that's impossible.)

I guess my goal should be to run the race with the same determination my non-mobile child went after that awesome toy.  And to be half as cute doing it.


  1. i mean, the fact that you're running a marathon is crazy enough. don't worry about time.

    and just think, you're going to beat a lot of other mom's at being awesome by running 26.2 miles. that's competition for you.

  2. Hasn't Braden already run a marathon, or part of one?


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