Wednesday, November 16

Seven Months

Time just keeps ticking, doesn't it?

Braden turned seven months the day of the marathon.  Have I mentioned how sweet that boy is?  How he really just loves to snuggle?  And suck his thumb? And how he is just so pleased when you look at him?  Oh he's a doll.  More Braden, please.

Lil B-Town (that's his thug name) is successfully sleeping through the night--from about 7:45 to 8:45.  What a boy.  He takes two or three naps and goes down without protesting much.  We've started him on some solids... and I'm kind of trying a version of baby led weaning where you don't feed them purees... which is another post entirely.  Basically he shoves large pieces of banana and sweet potato and broccoli towards his mouth and sometimes swallows some.  It's funny.  And messy.  But requires much less work on my part.  I'll let you know in another week or so how it's going.

Braden's up to 18 pounds, so as expected he's starting to fall off his growth curve.  That's ok.  He's cute.  And he really is a great nurser so there's not much else we can do.

He's getting to be a steadier sitter, though I still don't trust him enough to leave him sit alone.  He likes to stand and does a pretty good job balancing and holding on to my arm.  No scooting or crawling yet--he's a little behind Finley but I'm a little grateful--there are lots of little toy cars laying around that he can't quite reach yet.  He almost got his second tooth. And he really likes to blow raspberries and be adorable and charming.

Finley just keeps getting a better and better vocabulary.  He says funny things like, "Well, sure!" Or "That's a great idea!"  I need to write down all his silly little sayings because they are delightful.  Sol took a seven minute long video of him singing "Baby Oh" (obviously) and it's delightful.  But I'll probably spare everyone from watching it... it might be the video only his parents love.  (Although I do appreciate all the people who said the watched the trick or treating video over and over!  It was precious.)  Also, Finley weighs about 26.5 pounds.

The boys are starting to interact a little more.  Finley will sometimes bring Braden a toy if he thinks he's sad.  And also sometimes he takes his toys if he's being ornery.  They sit beside each other in their high chairs and giggle at each other... I'm just so excited for them to be BFFs.


  1. I think Braden's hair is coming in very differently from Finn's. I like it. It's a little bit like an old dude.

  2. i want to slap you that your baby sleeps so well. ha. but they are both so cute.

  3. Is the cardboard B part of the baby-led weening diet?

  4. So cute! I can't wait to hear how the non-pureed baby food goes...could be useful in five years or so, ha! Also, I cannot believe that he sleeps until 8:45!?!?! That is AMAZING!


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