Monday, November 21

Three Fun Things

I did three fun things lately that I don't want to forget about--unfortunately I didn't take pictures, which makes this kind of a boring post.  I did go ahead and steal some images from the internet, so you are welcome for that.

Thing #1: Martha Stewart.
Dudes.  I went to go hear Martha Stewart speak at DAR Constitution Hall with my pal Vicki.  I wish I could say it was inspiring, but mostly it was a little depressing (and awesome).  She's such an incredible lady--she's just done so much and knows so much.  She cooks, she decorates, she throws lovely parties and she goes to prison!  I mean, talk about diverse interests! But seriously, it was pretty cool to listen to her talk about all her stuff and her life. And she also harbors some serious feelings about technology, she referred to tech stuff as the things that are "ruining our lives."  Now where's my iPad?

Thing #2: Jersey Boys.
Sol and I went with some friends to see Jersey Boys and it was lots-o-fun.  I obviously bought the soundtrack today so we could continue jamming to the sweet sounds of Frankie Valli. The sign outside the theatre warned of "authentic Jersey language" and I was a little surprised at the "coarseness" of the language.  But I guess that's Jersey?  We both loved it and had a great time getting out of the house and doing one of the things we loved to do before we had two little boys to wrangle.

I left the boys for both of those adventures--and learned that we need to work on Braden being able to go to bed without me... apparently he really loves me.  I would be lying if I said that the highlight of both evenings wasn't coming home and having the boys burst into tears when they saw me because they missed me so much.  Is that bad?  It's just so nice to be needed. :)

Thing #3: Twilight 3.1
My pal Amy and I snuck out after our kids went to bed to see Breaking Dawn Part 1.  I'm slightly annoyed they split up the movies and are going to suck $12 out of me twice, but it was fun to get out and go see it.  It made both of us miss our babies and also made us a little queasy--it was definitely the bloodiest of the movies. Gag.

We did get to see the HUNGER GAMES trailer!  We definitely can not wait for that one.  Team Peeta for life.

Now that I look over this post... I think the casual reader might think I'm crazy.  Those are three wildly different things.  Oh well.  I'm cultured?


  1. twilight? honestly...

    but i bet martha was so interesting to listen to. the older she gets the more grumpy she gets. ..i agree.

  2. I think these three things aren't that weird. bFF.

  3. also, my book club sucks at commenting but they all agreed all these things are normal.

  4. Martha was FUN. I'm not sure how to reconcile my newfound desire to live in a farmhouse with my transient Foreign Service lifestyle. Hmm.

    And, you really should have mentioned the part about them running out of books at Martha's book signing. Fail.


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