Wednesday, November 23

Time to Buy Stuff!

Hey!  I don't think I've bothered you recently about the awesome Etsy shop.  

For example, we changed the name... to RV PARTIES!!!  Woohoo!  We'll come throw a party in any RV you want. Just kidding, we won't.  

Secondly, the custom plates have been selling like hotcakes, I tell you.  And they really make awesome Christmas presents.  If you are interested just make sure to order by November 30th or they won't make it in time.  And.  Use the code SAVE10 to get 10% off.  It's a good idea.

And also-ly, Vic just listed some super cool enclosure cards that would also make darling gifts.

Come check out our wares on Etsy.

And please PLEASE like us on Facebook.  All we want is to be your friend.  And then for you to buy some stuff.


  1. umm, i looked online, and yes you have sold a ton of plates! so fun! love them!! i'm throwing vera an owl themed 1st birthday party. you should design something with owls on it... just sayin! :)


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