Friday, December 30

Pink Bicycle Tea Room

Uh... hi.

Merry Christmas and almost Happy New Year!  I have a really hard time blogging this time of year--sometimes there is so much going on I forget to pull out my camera to take pictures!  I did remember to being my camera on a very special tea outing with Sol's sisters and mama.  We went to the Pink Bicycle Tea Room in historic Occoquan for tea and scones.  It was cute.

We opted for the Classic Creme tea--we each got a pot of tea, a scone, berries and dessert.  And clotted cream to go with the scones, a favorite of my friend Courtney.  (Sidenote: Sol got me Lightroom for Christmas and I'm really having fun playing with my pictures... but if anyone has Lightroom tips, send them my way!)

I'm not much of a tea drinker (I'm a chocolate milk gal...) but we had a delicious assortment of teas.  Chocolate Strawberry, Chai Indienne, Jungle Party and Cappuchino Creme--I liked all of them!  How can you not like a drink you get to put a sugar cube in?

The tea room was decorated with lot of pink bicycles--and this big one was out front!  The garden area had lots of old, chipped teapots, cups and saucers in the yard.  And a dead bird (not pictured).  All in all it was a delightful afternoon.  I think the best part of sipping tea is that it's designed to let ladies chit chat.  And the only thing more fun than chit chatting is typing "chit chat".  You should try it!


  1. i feel like you were channeling me with these photos. yeah food!

  2. Josh got me Lightroom for Christmas, too! YAY! I like it a lot. It has taken me a few days to learn it and I still have a lot to learn. But I think it is easier than PhotoShop! What do you think???

  3. I feel like I dislike the term 'clotted cream'. Call me immature but it elicits a weird mental picture. But I digress. Sounds like lots of fun!!


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