Monday, January 2

2011 in One Picture

I'm trying to be a cool kid like all the other bloggers and write a 2011 wrap up--and I'm really struggling.  because I realized I never wrote about Braden's birth.  There's a whole bunch of pictures from the beach that never got posted.  I really need to make my Blurb book.  I just got Lightroom and don't really understand how to use it or where my Mac has hidden my photos.  I've been meaning to print pictures from MPix for months.  How do you wrap up a year when there are so many other things to wrap up?  I'm really not sure, but I do know that I want to sing "Seasons of Love" from Rent right about now.

I think there is one picture, and one picture only, that sums up 2011.

BAM! We'll always remember 2011 as the year that Copper got a ridiculous hair cut.

Poor doggy.  Copper's hair all grown back--in fact he has strangely long toe hairs these days. This picture is one of my favorites--in spite of the fact that I think it's actually a terrible picture. (It's a little blurry and the white balance is beyond repair.) I love it because of all the people who commented, emailed, and mentioned it to me in person that they thought the picture was hilarious.  It is hilarious.  Nine times out of ten when we see someone that we haven't seen in awhile, this is what they mention.  And unfortunately, the same thing happens to Victoria.  People love this picture.

It makes me grateful that people give me a few minutes of their day to stop in and see what we are up to.  Although sometimes blogging seems like a chore, looking back at the end of the year I'm so grateful that I took a few minutes (or sometimes hours) out of my day to record what has happened with us.  I love that I have little memories stored up from the past that I would otherwise forget.  And I love that it's a quick way for our friends and family to check in on us.

What I like a little less is that I have all these friends and family reading about our lives, and I sometimes don't know that they are checking in or what is happening with them.  If you care enough to read about us, I probably care enough to read about you!  I love hearing feedback about what I write here, whether it's in person, on Facebook, through email or as a blog comment.  It's just good to know who is out there.  And based on the feedback from the Great Copper Shaving, there are quite a few people reading.

To kick off 2012, I have two blogging resolutions.  One for me, and one for you.

For me: Keep blogging and make my stinking Blurb book, even though it takes like a zillion hours.

And for you:  Let's make this two sided.  YOU need to start a blog.  I promise, you will NEVER be sad that you took the time to write down your memories.  I only wish I had started blogging sooner.  I promise to read your blog faithfully.  Even if it's about something that you think is totally boring, I won't think it's boring.  I think everything is exciting.  You really should blog.

2011 has been a good year.  It brought us Braden and a hairless dog.  We really couldn't ask for more.  And as for 2012, we're ready.  I'm looking forward to just being a little bit better.  A better mama, a better wife.  A better follower of Christ and a better me.  No huge sweeping resolutions, just a little bit better.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our very photogenic family.


  1. Note to the reader: I just talked to the author of this blog on the phone for 45 minutes and she is swell. She gives great advice (start a blog), she had a naked dog, and she gives good advice. We could all be a little better. #bff

  2. I happen to be one of the authors biggest fans!! I will take her advice to heart. This is the year of being a bit better!

  3. Oh man, I feel so bad for Copper! Poor puppy. And every moment is an appropriate time to sing "Seasons of Love"...except for at funerals. I would not do that. Anyway. Fun post. Happy New Year!

  4. I love that grey dress! Will continue to check in on you and Victoria's adventures! I love making it a part of my morning. :)

  5. a) I have that dress. Did we buy it together or do we continue to be spiritually fashionable linked?
    b) That picture is the best blog pic ever. Ever.
    c) what the heck is a blurb book?

  6. um, thank you for sharing copper's embarrassing picture. it makes our year as well. grant saw it first and e-mailed me. he couldn't stop laughing at work (reading blogs while working??!).

    can't wait to see what 2012 brings!

  7. You know it's a good photo when it makes you wonder if Copper's face and tail were photoshopped onto a hairless rat. Made me laugh this summer and made me laugh again today. Poor pooch!

  8. I love the picture of Copper . . . poor thing! It is a great way to wrap up the year. Thanks for sharing your life with us . . . it is far more exciting than mine!

  9. Hi, Rachel! Don't know if you remember me...friend/former co-worker of both K Littrell and E (Ripple)Rudolph. Love your blog...wondering if you still do blog designs? Couldn't find a way to email you this instead of leaving a comment...anyway, am interested in one for my biz. Thanks! MandiMoo Designs

  10. yes! encouraging others to blog. props.

    and also happy new year. it's going to be a good one.

  11. Love checking in on your family!!


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