Wednesday, January 4

Christmas 2011

We were super lucky this year--for Christmas we didn't have to travel anywhere!  Sol's family came to us.  And even better, some friends in town let half of the crew crash at their house so we would have plenty of space.  

I didn't take any pictures of Finley and Braden opening presents, which I'm pretty sure is breaking the cardinal rule of the holidays.  Yikes.  Our families were very good abiding by our "don't buy our kids lots of huge toys" rule.  They got a modest amount of small awesome goodies.  We were really excited with the non-overwhelming amount of gifts for them. Thanks family!  We got Finley a backpack and camera--and boy does he love packing that bag and taking pictures of everything.

To help Finley remember everyone's names, I made sure to take a picture of him with all the family members that I am going to print and put in a book for him.  This is Aunt Lili and Mr. James--or Aunt Coconut and Jellybean, as Finley calls them.  Don't ask.

Here's the little guy with Aunt Maya, or Aunt Marshmallow.  It's really cute to listen to him try to say Marshmallow.  That's a lot of consonants.

And both boys with Grandma and Grandpa.  They don't have fancy names, sorry guys.  I love this picture!

We had a great Christmas--even though it was unseasonably warm and we were missing Aunt Summer.  I got to run lots, the boys and Copper got more attention than they could ever imagine and we ate lots of delicious (dairy-egg-corn-soy-gluten-free) food.  And I ate a million cookies.  We're so lucky to have family that loves us and that we love.

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  1. Try Grandpa Silly and Grandma Pumpkin. that's our Finley Monikers.


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