Thursday, February 16

Self Portraits

We've been at my parents house this week and are returning home today.  After being away for two weeks, Sol informed me last week that he had a trip to Bentonville, AR this week and Denver next week... I immediately hopped on the old internet to find cheap flights to Little Rock so I could tag along.  I really didn't think I could handle Sol being gone four out of five weeks!

Being here is such a treat for me.  My mom cooks and feeds us and picks up all the toys.  My dad tickles them and reads them stories.  And I get to run solo (!!!) and do things like take Finley to get his hair cut while B naps and write blog posts.

Some self portraits with the boys.  As you can see, I was the only one excited to be in these pictures.  But looks at those sweet toes!  I'd say I could just gobble them up, but for some reason Finley has taken to sucking on his toes all the time, so I think I'll pass.


  1. visiting from ETC...such cute pictures! way to go, mama! :)

  2. Parents are the best...especially with spoiling the grand kids and allowing us some free time. You captured such great shots!

  3. I feel like Amy Biggs will want to copy your feet pic. Maybe you should share it with her.

    PS- the boys sure are cute

  4. These pictures make me miss you even more. Cute, cute, cute.

  5. Your pictures are always darling! Sounds like a great time for you to do some recharging. We're headed to Little Rock this week to visit some dear friends!


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