Wednesday, March 14

11 Months

Braden is 11 months old.  The frightening countdown is underway to the first birthday.  I can't get over how much more like a lanky little boy he looks in these pictures.  He's surrendered most of his baby fat and is just a long, wiggly little fellow.

My favorite change in the little guy is all his new tricks he's learning.  He's really into waving at people when you ask him too--he's so determined!  Still scooting, still no pulling up or getting into sitting alone, but he really loves to practice walking and stand.  Most of the time if you try to set him down he stiffens up so that you can't get him into sitting.  Tricky little fellow. He's down to nursing about four times a day and may be on the brink of dropping to three.

Both boys have been a little sick and are going to the doctor this morning.  Braden's 11 month present to me was puking all over me at 5 in the morning.  No really, you shouldn't have.  He's a poor wimpy baby--unfortunately he's wanted me to hold him almost all the time--which makes it a little less fun when trying to entertain our house full of guests!  He took FOUR naps Saturday because he was so zonked and has sometimes been sleeping for up to three hours twice a day.  Definitely not the norm!

Finley is gearing up for his big birthday--he'll very excitedly tell you what kind of party he and Braden are having and how old they are now and how old they will be.  He's stopped telling people he's going to be thirty two and just says he'll be three now.  THREE!?!  I'm starting to panic.

These two rascals crack me up a little more every day.  Finley has taken to calling his brother "Brady" instead of Braden, which is really cute.  They are going to be quite a pair.

Lucky for me, the house photographer is back for Spring Break.  We're so excited to have TORI! back to play with the boys, sit on the couch with me and take some pictures with me in them.  I love this sleepy little pose--how is thumb sucking so sweet?

I'm not sure I can handle having a one year old and a three year old.  Is there some sort of daylight savings time to delay aging?  Anyone?

Most importantly... Happy Pi Day!  What what! (Said a la Laurie from Cougar Town. If you aren't watching it, then we aren't friends.)


  1. Gosh, I can't stand how much I miss them. Having withdrawal....

  2. Already they are a great pair.

  3. Your boys are so precious! And yes I love the thumb sucking. Shannon is all about it too, never took a pacifier.

  4. Oh sweet boys. How are they getting so big!??

    PS - Guess we're not friends.


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